FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

[quote]Why is it important to get my equipment tuned?[/quote]

A well tuned and waxed ski or board will glide better, turn easier, and give you a more enjoyable experience.


[quote]How often should I wax my skis/snowboard?[/quote]

Generally you should get between 4 and 7 days riding from 1 wax, depending on snow conditions.


[quote]Do I need to sharpen my edges if I ride/ski a lot of park?[/quote]

Edges are there for turning and stopping, they can get in the way when it comes to boxes and rails. For an allround usable board in park and on the slopes try the new 3 degree ‘park n ride’ edge. The edge angle is set at 3 degrees which gets it out of the way in the park but when you need it, it’s there.


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