Base Grinding

base grindingA flat base is vital to get the best performance from your skis or board, the Montana Challenge is accurate to 1/100th of a millimeter.

The pattern on the base is called the ‘structure‘ this can be varied to suit the snow conditions.

The way the structure works is by breaking the surface tension between the base and the moisture in the snow. Imagine two pieces of glass face to face, they are perfectly smooth and tend to ‘suck’ together.    If you were to roughen up one of the pieces of glass, this would allow air to be trapped between them which would allow them to slide apart. The pattern/structure is like ‘roughening up’ the surface of the ski.  The warmer the snow, the higher the moisture content. This means a more open, or course structure is required to trap more air and disperse the moisture. Pretty cool huh?

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